"The Messiah Is Back" / CD


"The Messiah Is Back / CD:

1. Romanian Beach
2. Summer Sea
3. The Message
4. A Body Without A Head
5. Report
6. Blame
7. I Was Wrong

Orange the Juice:
Konrad Zawadzki – vocals, sounds, noise
Dawid Lewandowski – electric guitar, vocals, sounds
Marcin A. Steczkowski – grand piano, keyboard, cornet, sounds, programming
Mariusz Godzina – saxophones
Marcin Jadach – bass guitar, double bass, synth bass
Jan Kiedrzyński – drums

Guest artists:
Ida Zalewska – vocals [7]
Maciej Obara – alto saxophone [5]
Erwin Żebro – lead trumpet [2,6]
Maciej Kosztyła – tenor saxophone [2,6]
Marcin Taras – tuba [2,6]
Paweł Gielareck – theremin [5]
Cantus choir of Stalowa Wola conducted by Maciek Witek [2,4]
All tracks composed by Orange the Juice except "A Body Without A Head" (composed by Marcin A. Steczkowski)
Lyrics by Konrad Zawadzki except "A Body Without A Head" (lyrics by Dawid Lewandowski, Jan Kiedrzyński, Konrad Zawadzki)

Recorded by Piotr "Falko" Rychlec at MDK, Stalowa Wola, Poland Additional recording by Marcin A. Steczkowski at Lunapark Motion Arts Collective, Warszawa, Poland

Mixed by Marcin A. Steczkowski
Assistant Engineers - Dawid Lewandowski, Marcin Jadach
Brass arrangement - Marcin A. Steczkowski
Mastered by Piotr "Falko" Rychlec at ViVi Sound, Otwock, Poland

Produced by Orange the Juice
Cover art & design: Iwona Duczmal & TOFU Studio

Recording Session / Konrad


more info at: The Messiah Is Back

Recording Session / David


more info at: The Messiah Is Back

DVD / trailer


HNY 2013





MINIMATIKON: "Them Journeys" off "The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari" / soundtrack

Marcin A. Steczkowski & Dawid Lewandowski / MINIMATIKON
Directed by:
Marcin A. Steczkowski & Daniel Naborowski
Marcin Lesisz & Wojciech Zubek & Przemyslaw Jurkiewicz
Marcin Lesisz & Marcin A. Steczkowski
Sound Design:
Marcin A. Steczkowski
Motion Design:
TOFU Studio
Orange the Juice

The video uses quotes from the movie "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligarii" (1920) directed by Robert Wiene.

MINIMATIKON: "Them Journeys" / OFFICIAL VIDEO / trailer 02


MINIMATIKON: "Them Journeys" / OFFICIAL VIDEO / trailer 01 / new date


MINIMATIKON: "Them Journeys" / OFFICIAL VIDEO / trailer


Skrzydlate Wiosło !


Bierzemy udział :)

Halloween with The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Minimatikon


MINIMATIKON - a movie soundtrack project by Orange the Juice – are planning to release a soundtrack for the 1920 movie “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” on 31st October, 2011. The CD will be a limited collector’s edition.

Supported by two additional musicians and going by the name of MINIMATIKON, Orange The Juice have composed a score for Robert Wien’s horror movie “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, which has become the movie’s official soundtrack in Poland’s indie movie theatres.

Minimatikon’s music illustration for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, which is often considered one of the greatest horror movies of the silent era, was created and recorded at Minimatikon Studio in Stalowa Wola, Poland. It was produced by Marcin A. Steczkowski, Daniel Lewandowski and Marcin Jadach. As in the case of Orange The Juice’s debut album You Name It, the cover art for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was made by Gdańsk, Poland-based Studio TOFU.

Samples of the music can be found at: here



Street Date: 10312011

The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari / soundtrack:

1. Them Birds
2. Them Skies
3. Them Merchants
4. Them Delusions
5. Them Nights
6. Them Shades
7. Them Angels
8. Them Traps
9. Them Potions
10. Them Journeys
11. Them Roses
12. Them Conversations
13. Them Eyes
14. Them Demons
15. Them Legends
16. Them Gods
17. Them Doors
18. Them People
19. Them Whispers

Design: Studio TOFU

Romanian Beach EP


“Romanian Beach” - the first-ever EP by Orange The Juice is set for release on 26th August, 2011. Thanks to the support by the band’s hometown of Stalowa Wola, it will be available in the form of a free CD.

Romanian Beach is intended as an MCD heralding the band’s forthcoming album “The Messiah Is Back”, which is still being made. Besides the title song, the tracklist will include its remixed versions made by artists close to the band. The record has been mixed and mastered by Piotr “Falko” Rychlec, known for having worked with numerous famous Polish acts. The album’s artwork has been created by Gdańsk, Poland-based “Studio TOFU”, which also made the artwork for Orange The Juice’s debut album “You Name It.”

Romanian Beach will also be available as a free download.

Orange The Juice’s hometown of Stalowa Wola has long supported the band as a showcase for the city’s efforts aimed at promoting artistic creativity of its residents. The city has made Orange The Juice a laureate of its annual “Pine Branch” award and granted the band the title of an Ambassador of the City of Stalowa Wola.
The album’s title song can already be found here

Romanian Beach / EP


Street Date: 08262011

1. Romanian Beach (off the forthcoming album The Messiah Is Back)
2. A Body Without A Head
3. Romanian Beach (GitBit Papilot remix)
4. Romanian Beach (Pablutti remix)
5. Something You’re Not Meant To Know
6. Romanian Beach (Halszka Nabira remix)

Design: Studio TOFU

Second Album / Cantus Stage


Second Album / Stage Three / Maciej Obara: sax


Second Album / Recording vocals / prolog


Second Album / Stage Two


Brass Section
The Messiah Is Back

Don't Panic We are from Poland !




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We’re more than happy to have been invited to perform at this year’s Zappanale festival, which is held annually in the German city of Bad Doberan. The fiesta, a tribute to Frank Zappa’s heritage, has attracted over two thousand fans of “zappanasque” music each year beginning in 1990.

So maybe see you there!

Dawid / Interview


Second Album / Stage One


We’ve just completed Stage One of the recording process for ‘The Messiah Is Back’. It all took place at “Wrzos” - a movie theatre hall in the city of Stalowa Wola - a venue whose acoustics we’re finding more than appropriate for what we’d like to accomplish as far as the sound of the new album goes.
You can check it out right here:

The Messiah Is Back

the Second Album


We’re currently in the process of recording our second album. The title of the much-anticipated follow up to the well received debut “You Name It” is going to be “The Messiah Is Back”, and it’s hardly going to be anything you might be expecting from us - of that you can be sure. Should anyone be interested in seeing a footage (a couple of them as a matter of fact) documenting the recording process, they can visit:

The Messiah Is Back

Bad news :(


Dear fans and friends of ZU !
With our deepest regret we have to announce that we are forced to postpone all upcoming Scandinavian aswell as Eastern European dates in February 2010 due to unforeseen circumstances. We are currently working on rescheduling all cities as soon as possible, hopefully sooner than later.
Many thanks for all your support, looking forward to come to Gdansk in near future.

& ZU (ITA) / 14.02.2010 @ PARLAMENT CLUB


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"Ambassador of the City of Stalowa Wola"


Gabinet Doktora Caligari


Dziś premiera filmu "Gabinet Doktora Caligari" z 1920 roku w reżyserii Roberta Wiene'a. Ścieżka dźwiękowa: MINIMATIKON

Zapraszamy do kin studyjnych w Polsce :)

MINIMATIKON have signed a license deal with the Warsaw-based VIVARTO, the official Polish distributor of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”. As a result, starting July 2009 the group’s music will accompany regular cinema and festival shows of the legendary classic horror movie by Robert Wien.
Orange the Juice = MINIMATIKON = Orange the Juice



Szanowni Państwo,

z przykrością zawiadamiamy, iż zespół Orange the Juice, nie będzie mógł wystąpić na tegorocznych eliminacjach do Przystanku Woodstock, które odbywają się 23.05.2009. Głównym powodem takiego stanu rzeczy jest silne zapalenie gardła wokalisty Konrada Zawadzkiego. Grupa tym samym nie będzie mogła zaprezentować się w pełnym składzie przed warszawską publicznością.

Jeszcze raz wszystkich zainteresowanych, organizatorów, Fabrykę Zespołów oraz Jurka Owsiaka serdecznie przepraszamy.

Do zobaczenia przy innej okazj !

Orange the Juice



Orange the Juice supported by two additional musicians have composed and recorded a score for the classical horror movie "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" by director Robert Wiene.

MINIMATIKON are: Marcin A. Steczkowski - piano, trumpet, keyboards, sounds / Orange the Juice; Dawid Lewandowski - guitar, sounds / Orange the Juice; Marcin Yadach - double bass, bass guitar / Orange the Juice; Jan Kiedrzyński - drums / Orange the Juice; Piotr Cebula - violin / The Transgress; Maciej Kosztyła - saxophone, clarinet / The Transgress; Konrad Zawadzki - vocals / Orange the Juice.

The music illustration for the 1920 movie "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", commonly cited as an influence on film noir, one of the earliest horror films, and a model for directors for many decades, was created at Stalowa Wola, Poland-based MINIMATIKON studio. It was produced by Marcin A. Steczkowski, Dawid Lewandowski and Marcin Yadach.

Beware the soundtrack samples at:

“Best Breakthrough Artist of the Year” in US


One of the world’s busiest web portals – the American 411mania.com – recording 15 to 20 million page hits daily included Orange the Juice’s “You Name It” among the records worth your attention in 2008. “You Name It” was mentioned in the “Best Breakthrough Artist of the Year” category.
The reviewer wrote: “An unknown Polish band that begs to be heard. Imagine a party with Frank Zappa, Napalm Death, Primus, System of a Down, and a bowl of altered punch. The music they create is INSANE! If you get to listen to them, you are going to laugh, cry, shout and headbang, all at the same time. Their debut album You Name It will surely leave you thinking ‘what the hell just happened?’"
What else ? Happy ?

Happy New Year !


"Pine Branch"


WoW !
We have been awarded a "Pine Branch" - the main prize in a competition held by the mayor of the city of Stalowa Wola (the band's hometown) since 1999. The ceremony took place at the Stalowa Wola Music School. Orange the Juice received the reward from the Stalowa Wola City Board Chairman Stanisław Cisek.
Thank you and goodnight !

Double bass


The line-up has undergone a significant change. Mariusz Szmuc, the band's former bass player, has been replaced by Marcin Jadach.
Yadach is a young double-bass and bass player currently studying at the Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice, Poland. Having come from a traditional jazz background, he has recently been cooperating with the club scene or nu-jazz, alternative and rock ensembles. In Orange the Juice he will, of course, play both double bass and bass guitar.
So probably everything will be much more then fine ...

SZIGET was ...



Sorry folks !


We DID IT again !
RELEASE DATE: 4.07.2008
Sorry folks !



20.06.2008 !
Stay Deaf !

Record Deal !


Yes, we signed a record deal. Here's offical note:
Orange the Juice have signed a deal with the Warsaw, Poland-based Ars Mundi music label, which has thus far released works by LAO CHE, PARTIA, ORANZADA and ARMIA, among others. Orange the Juice's debut album 'You Name It' is slated to hit the Polish market on June 01, 2008. 'You Name It' was recorded at the Olsztyn, Poland-based Studio X with Szymon Czech as sound engineer. The final mastering was done by the same Szymon Czech at his own Elephant Studio.
The tracklist is as follows:
1. Facing the Monsters;
2. Cradle to the Grave;
3. Out of Place;
4. Package Deal;
5. Hope (It;s Dead);
6. 10.5;
7. Project Good Life;
8.10.5 Final.
Check the band's MySpace profile at:
for a few excerpts from the record.
Orange the Juice are from Stalowa Wola, Poland.
The current line-up is:
Konrad Zawadzki - vocals, Dawid Lewandowski – guitar; Mariusz Godzina – saxophones; Marcin A. Steczkowski – keyboards, trumpet; Jan Kiedrzynski – drums, Mariusz Szmuc – bass guitar.
The band have been rewarded and honored at numerous Polish music contests like 'The Young Wolves 2006', 'Demolka 2004', 'Mayday Rock Festival', 'Rockowania 2004' or 'Rock Highway 2007'.



Orange the Juice have been invited to perform at this year's star-studded Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary.
What else ?



Happy New Year !

REGION ! 2007 / Hungary


Well, Well, Well ...
We've just won another Polish rock music contest - rock'AUTOSTRADA in Proszowki. Tournaments like this seem to have become quite common in our country, although nobody gives a damn. The fact is we always do it for the prize money, so this one has made us a little happier and the cash will certainly come in handy. Another great news - we are going to Budapest / to perform at
REGION! 2007 / The Central Eastern European Music Conference

Feel very excited and looking forward to playing for the strange speaking people of HUNGARY. Check out the dates section for details.
And, of course: Stay Deaf!



YES !!!
We will perform at HUNTERFEST 2007 !!! HUGE THANKS to everyone who voted for us !
See You  on July 8th, 2007 in Szczytno

Contest ?


Well, The Young Wolves is one of those Polish music contests that do not seem to count at all.
That means they do take place, but nobody gives a damn. Before we even went to Warsaw, we had planned to reflect upon what would happen so you guys could get some feedback on what it means for a band etc. But there is nothing to tell you about. Someone just needed that thing to happen so they could tell they were doing their job. That's it. Take the press conference there was virtually no one there. Thus, the question arises whether anybody had been informed at all ? And did they (Stodola) even want anyone to come and see the shit ? So why should you care ? Or should we? We don't ... Just for the record:  we are among the three awarded bands.
What else ? Stay deaf !

Final show of The Young Wolves contest.


Well, after the show on December 14th , we are among the ten bands to take part in the final show of The Young Wolves contest.
We are happy and hope it is going to be as much fun.
As always: Stay Deaf !

"Mlode Wilki"


Well, we've just been accepted as one of the bands taking part in 'Mlode Wilki' (The Young Wolves) - a sort of competition for young Polish bands, aimed at helping the groups start a real career.
The winner is going to be offered a recording contract with a major label. We can't really say that we are expecting anything from the contest. We just plan to stage one hell of a show and have lots of fun - the usual boring stuff, you know. And the very opportunity to perform at Stodola (the club) in the heart of this land is itself pretty much a good deal.
Stay deaf ! 

You Name It


Well, it looks like we're done!  
What we've decided to dub "You Name It' has just been finished. Just 5 tracks but as much as 34 minutes! The first real studio recording of ours and a HUGE experience for all of us. No doubt about that. And now...well...lots of plans out there, but we shall see. Will keep you informed anyway. In the meantime, we suggest that you just let your ears check out samples of what it's going to taste like once the meal is completely ready to be served at



Still mixing the deb album and will play some shows ... check the dates !



So, we are at the studio !!!!

a party of six !


We're happy to announce  that Marcin Steczkowski (keyboards) has joined the band. So from now on we're a party of six !

You want news?!


Go and click your ass to cnn.com Here is the juice ... Orangethe Juice !
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